For A Lost Cause

We, the people, are going to lose this one. If the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association managed to keep Proposition 98 a secret from Bay Area progressives until about a month ago, it's already over. Those right-wingers got public education with Proposition 13 back in the 1970s, and now they're going to get rent control. However, in the meantime, we'll have lots of fun getting together for literary and musical events. This one could be retitled "A bag of talented and famous San Francisco men and Katie Crouch." Andrew Foster Altschul (Whose name is misspelled on the press release -- you think the Jarvis people do that?), Stephen Elliott (Also misspelled, but not so egregiously) Alvin Orloff, Richard Loranger, Jonathan Segel, and Victor Krummenacher (Whoops, also Alison Faith Levy.) You'd be nuts to miss this lineup no matter what any of them planned to do, but we heard they're going to strip naked and lead a conga line up to the top of Bernal Hill to perform a resurrection ritual for the owls who died up there a couple years ago. No, lying. Really they're going to read from their beautiful, intelligent books or play lovely wry songs, and you'd be nuts to miss it.
Tue., May 20, 6 p.m., 2008

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