Get Out on the PlayGround

O Happy Dagger is maybe the best name for anything, ever: kitten, debut album, vacation home, whatever. It's a quotation from Shakespeare (Romeo and Juliet, even), and usually those are forbidden, but in this case we're making an exception — we'd pretty much move to a town called O Happy Dagger. At the 12th annual Best of PlayGround Festival, it's the name of a play by Crish Barth, which is fine, too. O Happy Dagger is one of seven short plays staged for the festival, all of which have been culled from a year's worth of monthly dry runs and read-alouds. The plays here are fully produced, brand-new local work — aka one of the important perks of living in a major metropolitan area — and other 'wrights include Garret Jon Groenveld, Geetha Reddy, and Cass Brayton.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: May 8. Continues through May 25, 2008

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