See How High She Flies

Day of Wrath's director, we're told, "never loses sight of the eroticism inherent in the concept of witchcraft." So be forewarned: "Witchcraft Weekend" features films made by men with boners for spooky chicks. It's not, as you may have imagined from the title, a celebration of wise women often mischaracterized as evil, often unfairly persecuted (aka murdered), and who leave us a rich culture and philosophy. So no fabulous crones, we're guessing. Too bad. But what's wrong with old-fashioned sexy witches? One of the films is a 1968 feature called Witchcraft Through the Ages, narrated by William Burroughs, so you know it's good and trippy. The curators also include the ultimate mixed-message witch tale: Disney's Snow White. The evil queen is so hot! Raise your hands — how many of you wanted to be the queen instead of smarmy goody two-shoes Snow White when you first saw it? That's what we thought.
May 23-25, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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