Dale Blows Up

Last April, a crazy 30-foot neon-yellow Dale Chihuly sculpture appeared in the de Young’s Pool of Enchantment, but it was not part of his show. It was part of his pre-show. The full exhibit, “Chihuly at the de Young,” opens today, and the big-haired glassblower with the eye patch commands such weight for a variety of reasons: It’s his first major exhibition in S.F., our city is the show’s only stop, and he makes stuff like crazy 30-foot neon-yellow glass sculptures. “Chihuly at the de Young” represents all stages of his career, including early work from 1972, but we’re obviously most excited about the stage when he blew goddamn 30-foot neon-yellow glass sculptures. We also like the mammoth planetary objects composed of swirling tentacles, the chandeliers dripping from the ceiling, and the 56-foot-long “garden of glass” with the psychedelic, aquatically inclined ceiling.

Tonight also features an opening by Timothy Horn, an artist with a thing for sugar and Alma Spreckels, widow of sugar baron Adolph Spreckels. He remade her Neapolitan sedan chair from her Pacific Heights mansion out of the white stuff. Both exhibits are celebrated at Friday Nights at the de Young, which features live music by global-beat soundscapers Kundalini Boombox and a quickie opera by Ashley Knight and Bronze Creation, presented by the Crucible. It starts at 5 p.m.
June 14-Sept. 28, 2008

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