Jolly Rogers

Pirates and Ireland go hand in hand. Think about it: a small, rural island that produces Guinness, Jameson, and traditional music that is perfect for swabbing decks to. Although a big chunk of the island’s population once came to America searching for a better life, its traditional Celtic tunes didn’t always make it this far west, leaving many Americans clueless of penny-whistle–led melodies. Portland, Oregon’s pirate folk-punk band Rum Rebellion hopes to have Americans step-dancing in the tradition of the Irish The band consists of tattooed punkers performing “sea shanties from hell on trad instruments,” according to its Web site, and is quick to admit that it thoroughly enjoys both acting like pirates and drinking adult beverages. The group recently released its freshman album, Cruisin’ for a Boozin’, which includes melodic sing-alongs about, well, drinking (a lot). Rum Rebellion encompasses both the banjo and, yes, the pennywhistle, weaving a traditional folky feel while singing whiskey-soaked songs like “Drink with the Devil,” “The Rusty Cannonball,” and “Liquor of Life.” The band’s nationwide tour will have it terrorizing buzzed people everywhere, from house shows to taverns to Vallejo’s upcoming pirate festival, as it searches for booty. With the occasional Blitz, the Pist, or Operation Ivy cover song, Rum Rebellion sticks to its punk-rock roots but continues to prove that scurvy dogs still rule highways and dive bars alike.
Mon., June 16, 8 p.m., 2008

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