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Sloe gin is a liqueur made from gin, sloe berries, sugar, almond extract, and cloves. Slow Gin, on the other hand, is one of San Francisco's most chill DJ nights. Like its namesake, the event has a complex and subtle flavor; it's composed of extracts from Blue Note classics, '70s super soul, the Golden Age of hip-hop, and contemporary downtempo electronica. The night has been fermenting for several years, having gone through an earlier incarnation at Kingman's Lucky Lounge in Oakland before landing at John Colins' Lounge every other Thursday. What sets Slow Gin apart from any other DJ party is the utter unpretentiousness of its hosts, The Trout and King Kooba. This ain't where you go to hear the latest radio hit or that new house anthem; it's where you end up when you're over all that. Drink in the Slow Gin on Thursday, June 12, at John Colins Lounge starting at 10 p.m. Admission is free; call 543-2277 or visit

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