Joe Hill Don't Live Here Anymore

The working class? What's that? At this point, the working class lives elsewhere, we're pretty sure. It can't afford to live in San Francisco, and according to the master plan of big business, not in the U.S., either, as we export more and more jobs elsewhere. And yet we're all working our asses off. WTF? Find more information about these contradictions at LaborFest. The celebration of working people features a lot of tours and lectures on local history, including a historical walking tour of the Western Addition, a bookstore talk and slideshow on "The Social and Political History of Bernal Heights," a walk around the former Labor Temple at 16th and Capp streets, and "The New Deal in the Sunset District," a lecture at a branch library. The left-leaning fest also brings us Into the Fire: American Women in the Spanish Civil War (part of the International Working Class Film and Video Festival, most screenings at the Roxie) and the first-ever Labor Book Fair.

LaborFest events start today with one of Bay Area radical-history rock god Chris Carlsson's bike-ride talks. It starts at noon at 1310 Mission (at Ninth St.), S.F. Admission is $15-$50; call 608-9035.
July 5-31, 2008

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