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"Stevie Wonder is, like, the ultimate songwriter. There's nothing he can't do. He did the funky stuff like James Brown. He did the more socially conscious stuff like Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye. And he did some of the most incredible ballads. No one does ballads like Stevie. My favorite album is Songs in the Key of Life. They're all great albums, but that one has incredible scope. Stevie Wonder's the only dude who can get a hook out of a horn line. People sing along to his horn lines. I don't know anybody else who can make people do that."

Dave Schools, Widespread Panic

"I consider myself lucky to have grown up during the time these albums came out, because that was a period when his music was ubiquitous. Innervisions is my favorite out of the bunch. As an album, it's really complete to me. It's got all the things I like about Stevie, like the horn line from 'Superstition.' That's been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. It's cold-blooded and sticks like a splinter in your brain."

DJ Spinna, host of "Wonder-Full," a Stevie Wonder tribute night

"It's really hard for me to pick a favorite. Most people think Songs in the Key of Life is one of those quintessential albums of all time, a must for everyone's record collection. I agree, but Innervisions might be the one I return to the most. There's just something about that record and Stevie's message of universal love and social unity on it. Of course, Stevie was blind, but he never saw color: It was more about people's souls and how people treated one another. That's why he was revolutionary."

Esperanza Spaulding, soul singer

"I think my favorite is Fullfillingness' First Finale. I love them all, but every song on that album is like its own character almost. Each one has a life of its own. He's a master at marrying the content of his lyrics with the melody of the song, like every part is connected. They're these complete visions and every piece is dedicated to achieving that vision. He's my hero."

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