Being Bad Feels Pretty Good

Remember when you discovered that Andrew Clark was just a troubled soul, just like you, and that Claire Standish was simply a girl with horrible parents who needed a hug? Hint: You were watching The Breakfast Club. The John Hughes film expertly dismantled stereotypes, turning generations of kids onto the idea, if only for a day, that we should be accepting of everyone and avoid judgmental labels. It’s a lesson all of us need to relearn -- even yuppie scum. Today, the S.F. Theater Foundation presents a refresher course outdoors -- warm blankets or a John Bender trenchcoat a must -- as part of the ongoing series Film Night in the Park, which takes place at a smattering of local parks throughout September. Last year more than 7,000 showed up for Sixteen Candles alone, and more than a few probably sat cross-legged and virginal later that night.

Expect more of the same with Hughes’ follow-up flick.
Sat., July 26, 2008

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