Killing My Lobster new show doesn't kill


Through July 27. $15-20; call 558-7721 or visit
Dance Mission, 3316 24th St. (at Mission), S.F.

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San Francisco's flagship comedy troupe is back with a new show, new actors, and a different performance space. This edition's theme is "time," and the sketches bounce boldly among different historical periods and characters, including turkey-hunting Pilgrims, '60s acid trippers, mushroom-gathering cave people, Romans in togas. The first act struggles for laughs, but with the help of KML veterans Leslie Waggoner, Sarah Mitchell, and Todd Brotze, the show finds its hilarity in the second half. Mitchell and Brotze channel the absurdity of SNL's famous Christopher Walken "Colonial Angus" scene in their Civil War tribute, and the entire cast kills in a 1950s-set sketch where the June Cleaveresque women fight for their rights to be "well serviced" (there are numerous references to cunnilingus throughout the night). Unfortunately, the cavernous stage at the Dance Mission Theater has horrible acoustics and swallows up the rapid-fire dialogue, and the musical numbers are completely lost while actors try to compete with the four-piece band. KML has been better in the past, and I miss the troupe's old ODC theater, but these guys still deliver the laughs.

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