Omega, WTF?

Our existential crises are not dignified: Big questions around here focus on degree of dorkdom. For example, if we are knee-jerk science fiction lovers, are we also irredeemable nerds? How many times per hour/day/week are we allowed to make Monty Python jokes before our cool cards are forever revoked? (Answer: 0/0/2.) These quandaries do not plague anyone in the Knifebeatsfinger theater group: The troupe's new show, The Last Voyage of the Omega, bites Starship Troopers style hard and follows a "crew of hard-partying space travelers" as they get stuck on planet Earth; science fiction ensues. Writers Helena Nolan, Sean Kelly (yes, the Sean Kelly), and Jon Fast toss their actors into campy goofball scenarios partially influenced by preshow audience Twitter voting. This is Episode 2: Space Babies. Episode 1: Mind Poison is explained real fast beforehand. The onstage talent, which includes comedian Mike Spiegelman, is up to the task of wearing asymmetrical shoulder pads, holding dry-iced cocktails, and shouldering names like Carlotta Catorce the Cthuhlu. Are you cool enough to not care whether any of this is too dorky? We are.
Aug. 1-9, 10:15 p.m., 2008

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