CHiPs and Shields

He began to sense my bitterness, and so did I. It isn't a good quality. I think I should embrace the Net as I am now embracing getting out of my car and walking around. I should see it as a new opportunity, not something to avoid. Still, the idea of starting all over again in a mailroom at some Web marketing firm doesn't sound appealing. The computer guy encouraged me to buck up and keep trying.

All in all, we talked for an hour about everything from Hillary Clinton to weight loss surgery to New Jersey. This is why I keep going out: No matter how I get to places, I can usually count on meeting someone interesting.

I got back on BART and sat next to a couple on their way to the East Bay. He was excited to see that the highway patrol was hiring, and made an allusion to CHiPs by singing the theme song. Actually, he just sang the end part, where it sounds like a sort of sproingy, Gary Numan, Giorgio Moroder thing. "Now that is one easy job," the man told his lady friend, immediately adding more zingy sproings to the song. "You jes' sit there, day in and day out. Maybe give a ticket." He was wearing a Rascal Flatts T-shirt, and she was short 'n' sizable, wearing a Bootylicious T-shirt.

Now, had I been driving, I never would have witnessed this interaction. Yes, folks, I am living, damnit.

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