Big Ones

Comedian Chris Garcia shows his balls. Literally. In the "American Apparel" video clip online, Garcia and co-mocker Ali Wong appear wearing workout clothes, doing some moves, making a mockery of a certain clothing company. But it goes awry as Garcia, in a stretchy bronze leotard and thigh-high sweat socks, lets his butt cheeks sort of … flap. It's really surprising. But it's not as surprising as the head-between-the-legs shot of Garcia chanting "Toronto!" or "Wristbands!" while letting his balls flap. They're blurred out a little, sure, but there they are. Right there. At Club Chuckles this month, Garcia and Wong take the stage. In a completely unrelated joke, here's Wong on post-breakup sex: "It's so good because you feel like you're almost cheating! Because you basically are cheating. On your self-respect." Local opera-meets-pop band the Trifles also play dirty-minded ditties.
Tue., Sept. 16, 9 p.m., 2008

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