The Other 9/11

Thirty-five years ago, a CIA-backed military junta led by General Augusto Pinochet violently overthrew Chilean president Salvador Allende's democratically elected socialist government, and killed, tortured, and disappeared tens of thousands of his supporters and suspected sympathizers. Following the coup, an estimated one million Chileans went into exile, including the hundreds who moved to the Bay Area. "We Remember the Sun: 9/11/1973," is a rooftop ritual commemorating this grim anniversary of a date now forever synonymous with -- yet overshadowed by -- the 9/11 toppling of the World Trade Center towers. It pays tribute to those who lived through the bloody dictatorship, and the loved ones they lost. S.F.-Colombian multidisciplinary artist Praba Pilar and UC Davis Professor L.M. Bogad's performance celebrates the spirit of hope and rebellion that shone worldwide during those tumultuous times: the triumphs and failures; moments of solidarity and instances of betrayal; reaction and repression. Will they be able to prevent this sun from setting? The performance is part of "We Remember the Sun," a sprawling group exhibit of art dedicated to the spirit of social justice.
Sept. 11-13, 7 p.m., 2008

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