Kickin’ It

Leave it to the Brazilians to bring soccer to the beach. The country of capoeira dancers, baile funk, and Carnaval imported the same informal esprit de corps to soft-sand futbol when it became an officially recognized professional sport in 1992. Among the rules: You can’t wear shoes, the pitch is far shorter than that of a grass field (making scoring easier), and, judging by the schedule for today’s Beach Soccer Festival, a jangly DJ’d soundtrack is a requirement. Rather than a competitive environment, this two-day event is more of a soiree — although players will have a chance to show off their control dribbles and hook turns. Participants can sign up to take the title (with each team consisting of five players), while spectators might enjoy a bikini fashion show, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu demonstration by Grand Master Rorion Gracie, and plenty of pageantry from the navel-bumping samba belles of Aquarela Brazilian Dance Ensemble.
Sept. 27-28, 9 a.m., 2008

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