The Nade

Remember when everyone loved Ralph Nader -- everyone except the automobile industry bigwigs, anyway? Remember the guy who brought us seat belts? No? Not very many other people do either, but once upon a time, Ralph Nader was the country's highest-profile defender of (some would say inventor of) consumer rights. He fought and often won legal and legislative battles for stuff like clean meat, clean water, and equal rights for disabled people. Also, a couple little things known by their acronyms: OSHA and FOIA. Stop yelling! These are facts, pal, no matter how you feel about the whole spoiler issue. Nader speaks tonight about his presidential campaign, a sort of mysterious third-party (Or is it? Nader/Gonzalez isn't even a Green Party ticket, as far as we can tell.) bid that seems like a weird move for a progressive.
Tue., Sept. 30, 6 p.m., 2008

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