To the Pain

Literature of the type created by Tom Perrotta and Katherine Taylor does not usually lend itself to put-up-your-dukes type fighting. But you never know what to expect at a Literary Death Match. The very first of the Opiummagazine-sponsored events saw author Stephen Elliott throw a glass of beer in the face of Zyzzyvaeditor (and Death Match judge) Howard Junker, which set the anything-goes tone for the series. Tonight's panel of judges suffers possible dousing from Perrotta, Taylor, Eric Puchner, and Steve Yarbrough. Perrotta is the author of Electionand Little Children, both of which conquered Hollywood; Taylor wrote Rules for Saying Goodbye and has won a Pushcart Prize; Stegner Fellow Puchner penned Music Through the Floor; and Yarbrough is the author of eight books, including The End of California. Who will remain standing at the end? It's hard to say, although it usually comes down to round three, in which the final two are put to the test in things like math quizzes or sack races. Watch for flying booze and finely wrought curse words.
Mon., Oct. 6, 9 p.m., 2008

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