Prop Yourself Up

Fucking propositions. They always say one thing and mean another. Seems like they usually promise clean water and improved air quality when they mean tax breaks for polluters. There's never enough time to learn about them, either, and the language used in the Voter Pamphlet is so densely legal and intentionally confusing that most people just vote "no" on all of them. This is understandable, but not wise. At 2008 Propositions 101, you can vent your frustrations in a roundtable discussion. Just kidding. Meeting-venting isn't fun (for anyone except the venter), especially during meetings with important issues at stake. In San Francisco, a Coit Tower "makeover" is one such issue (we may be against this, but need more information), as is taxing millionaires (for!). Blessedly, wine and snacks are part of the discussion; we find these two items absolutely necessary to figuring out what's what in the dreaded Voter Pamphlet.
Mon., Oct. 13, 6:30 p.m., 2008

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