Org. Org. Throws Kegger

We have friends who don't get it. They say, "Organic doesn't matter for vegetables you're just going to peel anyway, right?" Wrong! We also know ignorant weirdos who think organic means hoity-toity; these are probably the kind of people who think passports are for terrorist sympathizers. Our (correct) view is that organic certification means an independent group has seen to it that there aren't any poisons in the groundwater, the dirt, or the animals' feed, or sprayed onto vegetables. California Certified Organic Farmers is the best-known of these organizations, and before you question the party status of a regulatory institution, know that tonight is CCOF's Organic Beer and Wine Tasting. Grown in clean water, clean earth, and clean air, these grapes and grains — which, don't forget, are fermented, aka intensified — are, uh, good for you. Better for you. Well, they're organic, anyway.
Fri., Oct. 24, 4 p.m., 2008

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