Walken with Rhythm

Voilà, a show that couldn't possibly be bad: All About Walken: The Impersonators of Christopher Walken. No way to mess that one up. YouTube commenters on the Walken-starring Fatboy Slim "Weapon of Choice" video describe him best: Walken "+ anything = freakalicious," he is "old and weatherbeaten," "the beastliest," and "kicks a large amount of ass." But you know that already; you're probably screaming "More cowbell!" right this second. The show's creators are actors who came up with the idea because it's almost impossible not to come up with if you're a theater student — you start out impersonating each other, and soon you're impersonating each other impersonating Jay Mohr impersonating Walken. The show completely spirals out of control from those nearly straightforward portrayals: We hear they do a Wizard of Oz in which all the characters are played by Christopher Walken. Many of the actors have Bay Area backgrounds, but All About Walken has been a success in Los Angeles for the past two years.
Oct. 25-26, 7 p.m., 2008

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