Is Adorables

Dancer Mary Sano’s discipleship is second to none — she’s devoted her whole life to keeping the Isadora Duncan style of dance alive. Because strangely, the physical vocabulary developed by the “Mother of Modern Dance” isn’t as popular as it could be, even though it’s lovely and joyful and inspired by an early-20th-century global consciousness. At “Dancing Dreaming Isadora,” Sano and her Duncan Dancers join “rock star” classical pianist Alpin Hong for some of Duncan’s original pieces, with their ecstatic barefoot girls in flowing tunics and Greek vase–inspired shapes. Because Duncan was a great lover of dance and music from all over the world, Sano also includes some collaborations: recent work with local koto master Shoko Hikage, and a new piece she created with the influential Native American political leader and singer/drummer Dennis Banks and singer/songwriter Tony Chapman.
Sun., Nov. 9, 6 p.m., 2008

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