Wine Elites?

SF Wine Week takes place in a clutch of glittery bars, a Mercedes-Benz showroom, and the ground floor of The Hayes luxury condos. Organizers are clearly banking on a certain breed of attendee (young, sophisticated, great FICOs) but they’re also reaching across the aisle. A grudgingly reasonable $75 gets you into all six events, and among the large group of participating wineries (none of them PlumpJack!) is Three Thieves, which sells wine in jugs, because, according to the site, “These mavericks believed that it did not take a fancy bottle to make a wine for real wine drinkers.” You betcha! The company also states it makes wine for “everyday folks who needed a great wine to go with a drive-through meal,” and then it mentions NASCAR. We have no clue what it thinks about abortion.

Wine Week starts tonight at 6 at Project One, 251 Rhode Island (at 15th Street).
Nov. 10-15, 2008

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