Taking It Personally

New drama takes the politics of a playwright to another level.

"The right is mooing about faith, the left is mooing about change, and many are incensed about the fools on the other side — but at the end of the day, they are the same folks we meet at the water cooler," wrote David Mamet earlier this year in an essay for The Village Voice. It took the Oscar- and Tony-nominated author decades to come to this obvious conclusion. Kudos to Ingersoll-Thorp for arriving at the same revelation, albeit in an imperfect way, with his second script.

And what of the play's personal impact on yours truly? After getting over feeling like how Sarah Palin must have felt when she watched Tina Fey do a number on her on Saturday Night Live, I felt extremely flattered by Sleepwalkers' efforts. Critics receive responses to their work in the mail all the time. But it's not every day that someone lets you know what they think of your writing by staging a new play.

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