Class of 2000 Standouts

Biggest Bully
Is there anyone he hasn't yelled at or threatened? His wife, maybe? Believe it or not, he just may bully his way to become president of the board of supes for his final two years in office.

Class Clown
While discussing the board of supervisors' refusal to dock a historic World War II battleship at the city's port, Sandoval went on Hannity and Colmes of Fox News and instantly became a national joke when he said: "I don't think we should have a military. Absolutely." When asked what would replace the military, Sandoval shrugged. "Well, you got cops. It's called the Coast Guard. There's lots of things different." Hilarious.

Most Likely to Be Elected to Higher Office
Obviously he's not going to be catapulted into the White House as Ralph Nader's running mate. But district attorney isn't out of the question. Of course, he could also be content to continue making found-art collages no one understands.

Biggest Bully: Chris Daly
Adam Aufdencamp
Biggest Bully: Chris Daly
Class Clown: Gerardo Sandoval
Courtesy of Fox News
Class Clown: Gerardo Sandoval
Most Likely to Be Elected to Higher Office: Matt Gonzalez
Jared Gruenwald
Most Likely to Be Elected to Higher Office: Matt Gonzalez
Most Enigmatic: Jake McGoldrick
Kate McCarthy
Most Enigmatic: Jake McGoldrick
The Idea Man: Aaron Peskin
Scott Finsthwait
The Idea Man: Aaron Peskin
Most Shy: Sophie Maxwell
Most Shy: Sophie Maxwell

Most Enigmatic
Even though he's a total Guardian-loving lefty, he somehow managed to get elected in the relatively conservative Richmond district. While in office, he survived a recall threat. Now, as he heads back into obscurity, he's staking his reputation on a ballot measure that decriminalizes prostitution. If it passes, johns will be able to get blow jobs from hookers on Capp in peace, thanks to Jake. Just shows you how one man can make a difference ... sniff.

The Idea Man
Good Idea: Reforming Muni, demanding more accountability and better performance.
Bad Idea: Posing for San Francisco magazine in nothing but a Speedo and a swimcap.
Good Idea: Removing Chris Daly as chair of the budget committee after Daly's fights with the mayor became a distraction.
Bad Idea: Drunk-dialing (allegedly) the port director at night and berating her.

Most Shy
Apparently she's been on the board of supes for the last eight years. Who knew?

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