Overthrow Capitalism! Maybe.

We are so confused. Partly, we were born that way. But also, at the moment, the s-word has us all, "Huh?" The McCain campaign, acting on a tip from not-Joe the not-Plumber, called Obama a socialist. Yet the far lefties we know call Obama "center-right." Still, Obama did use the phrase "spread the wealth around." But on the other hand, in our experience, Democratic Partiers are not at all the same as communalists. The Chicago Tribune quoted a sociology professor calling the President-elect "center-liberal." Whuuh?! At the Nor Cal Socialism Conference, people might be able to actually set us up with some answers. Like any conference, this one has about a million panels; pick and choose from labor history, immigration, and anti-war discussions. As for us, we're headed to "Democrats in Power," today at 3:45.
Nov. 15-16, 11 a.m., 2008

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