Viet Wave

Either Viet Le and Yong Soon Min have a rich tapestry of obscenely talented friends, or they really curated the shit out of "transPOP: Korea Vietnam Remix." As we ticked through the list of oft-exhibited and exhaustively educated artists in the show, we didn’t see a stinker in the bunch. Sixteen artists who hang their hats in Vietnam, Korea, or the United States contributed to the show, which ruminates on the ever-expanding exchange of popular culture between Korea and Vietnam, as fueled by the American war in Vietnam, the Cold War, and the expanding economies in both countries. There’s a strong playful element in much of the work, certainly as exemplified by the sweet, odd, Esprit-level color spaz of photographer Tiffany Chung in her Double Bubble Bazooka series. Elements of fantasy, pop music, television, and political movements intermingle and collide. transPOP’s Dec. 5 opening-night party features music by Vietnamese-American rockers Thomas’ Apartment. It starts at 8 p.m.
Dec. 5-March 15, 2008

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