"Titanium Exposé"

Running a magazine-style art Web site and a gallery space turns out to be a curatorial coup for the folks who put together the jam-packed and gem-filled "Titanium Exposé." This group show gathers the gamut of Fecal Face favorites, showcasing artists both new (Henry Gunderson, age 17) and legendary (Blek Le Rat, the French artist some have credited for starting the street graffiti and stencil scene). If there's a unifying theme, it might have something to do with the monstrous subconscious. San Franciscan Matt Furie offers drawings of fur-covered boys and rainbow souls, mashing The Muppet Show with sci-fi sex. Ryan Christian of Chicago also has a Muppet obsession, but his pencil sketches reveal pop culture's dreamy monochromatic side. Henry Lewis' paintings seem to be snipped from Hieronymus Bosch's nightmares, while Chris Ryniak gives his grotesqueries doe eyes and adorable grins. Maya Hayuk loves hair and rainbows. Strangely enough, the two seem to have a lot in common in her artwork, as they multiply across walls with a fractal precision that's both organic and Orwellian.

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