"She's actually really cool," Lisa said.


Then Claudia chimed in about another classmate, Sari, whom I had always liked but didn't hang with much. She is a successful chef, and made Thanksgiving dinner for Barack Obama. When I heard this, I just felt happy for her. Why no jealousy? I suppose I feel that only when I am dubious about the person. "After dinner, Obama went to wash the dishes," Claudia added, relaying what Sari had told her. She told him he didn't have to, and apparently he replied, "I don't ever want to forget how to do stuff like this." Awwww.

We eventually got sick of talking about people from our past, and I gravitated to the yoga teacher. She explained how to hold a pose, stretching for a long time and staying with it, and giving in to the burn. She said yoga had delivered her from bulimia by teaching her to be in her body. I suppose, in that sense, yielding to something is a good thing.

Lisa drove me home, and I confided in her that I felt special to be invited to join them and that, deep down, I wasn't sure whether they liked me, since I get thrown back to my junior high brain.

"Everyone likes you!" she said. "I've never heard anyone say that they didn't." I needed to hear that. Actually, I needed to hear that 20 years ago, but I'm not sure it would've sunk in. She dropped me off and we made plans to hang out again, or, at the very least, go to our reunion together.

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