Tenderloin Christmas Hustler


Through Dec. 27. $20-$25; call 637-3154 or visit
Phoenix Theatre, 414 Mason (at Geary), sixth floor, S.F.

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If you're looking for a raunchy Christmas show, look no further than this frothy and fun musical parody confection. The adventures of T.C. – a Walnut Bleak high school dropout who can't help exploding with glitter whenever he gets too excited — take us through every Christmas storytime staple from Miracle on 34th Street to Frosty the Snowman. Creators Jake Eastman, Demetrius Martin, and Todd Pickering milk as many sexual innuendos as they can from these holiday chestnuts without losing their aw-gee-whiz quality. Lines such as "He began to well up inside in places he'd never welled up before" litter the script, and a sweetly romantic skating duet takes place at the "Kristi Yummy Coochie Holiday Ice Rink." True, the singing isn't consistently strong, and the conceit doesn't quite sustain its two-hour length. But with superb costumes by Matthew Hines and a knockout performance by Miss Trannyshack 2006, Raya Light, you just might find yourself giggling and singing along.

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