You're In the Movie

After you've seen Milk, and who hasn't, you probably want to know more about that time, and Paul VanDeCarr's audio tour "Out of the Bars and Into the Streets" has lots more. Narrating is author Jewelle Gomez; her reassuring voice reminds you to turn your audio player off when you cross the street and stuff like that, without a trace of the "you dumbass" tone we'd have if we were narrating. But most of the recording puts you in the company of the real-life characters from the movie: Milk campaign coordinator Anne Kronenberg, adorable sidekick (and AIDS Memorial Quilt creator) Cleve Jones, and former twink Dan Nicoletta. Between them, they know everything. The route -- you've probably walked it, maybe backwards a few months ago, against Prop. 8 -- starts at Milk's former camera shop, hangs around Twin Peaks, looks at Harvey Milk Plaza, and then wends down Market Street, all in all about 1.75 miles in 70 minutes.
Starts: Dec. 18. Daily, 2008

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