Josh Is a Verb

Josh Kornbluth and Sarah Vowell are not the same person, as so many people are not the same person (Michael and Janet Jackson, for example). They do explore similar topics: American history, civic duty, and the sometimes-beautiful experience that is family. But despite their similarities, Kornbluth is first and foremost a monologist, and has developed a book and two films from his original works. He also hosted the egregiously canceled The Josh Kornbluth Show on KQED (2005-2007), on which he interviewed artists of many stripes, including Annie Leibovitz and Marga Gomez. Kornbluth will debut his new one-man show, Andy Warhol: Good for the Jews?, a work inspired by the exhibition "Warhol’s Jews: Ten Portraits Reconsidered." He ruminates on the subjects of Warhol’s work for this series, which include Gertrude Stein, Sigmund Freud, and Albert Einstein. Following each show, Kornbluth interviews an expert on one of the subjects and conducts a conversation with the audience.
Jan. 10-22, 8 p.m., 2009

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