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Free parking: Oh, please. San Francisco is supposed to give promoters space in Golden Gate Park to make money ["Outside Lands Ouster?," Peter Jamison, Sucka Free City, 12/24]?

Instead of qualifications, the Rec & Park officials should make each company bid for the right to use the park for revenue (and hold them to the bid so that our parks get some much-needed revenue.)

And geez, guys: The difference between Outside Lands and things like Opera in the Park and the bluegrass extravaganza is that they are free to the public!
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Editor's Note
SF Weekly readers had a very strong reaction to our LOLcats 2008 in Review feature. Many people were upset — nay, enraged — at the dearth of cats. Here is a sampling of comments from our Web site. Is it can be hugs tiem now?

That was the lamest thing I ever saw.

How about not spreading a small amount of content over multiple pages?
Jesus from Heaven

It's beautiful!

Wow, will you all stop with the LOLcats crap? It was retarded when it first started, and guess what, it's still retarded!

Horrible. Not funny in any way. There aren't even cats in almost all of the pictures.
Jon Salganski

Wow, you do realize the reason LOLcats misspell things and say things incorrectly is that they are supposed to be animals? You are trying to anthropomorphize people and yet somehow still failing.

Hello. I pick up SF Weekly when I ride Caltrain for various reasons. Articles like this are kinda spoiling the city — not that S.F. is that much of a jewel. Anyone realizes the S.F. Bay Area is one of the very finest places in this world, with Tahoe, Yosemite, Santa Cruz, Big Sur ... but let me tell you, San Francisco blows!

I was passing through and saw the Israel protest last night; all well and good. But I think in any city there will only be one single person who will actually smile at you. For such a supposedly fantastic locale, the locals are pretty numb, dumb, deadened, and soulless. God Bless Humanity!
Bilbo Baggins

You're pathetic. Sorry I wasted my time here. I promise it won't happen again.
Yeah Right

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