S.F. activist Suzi Chang seeks to give Bush pink slip

Green, blue, red — so much of America's political culture is color-coded these days, but San Francisco resident Suzi Chang hopes to stake out her own section of the spectrum: pink. Chang, self-declared leader of a spiritual movement she calls the Pink Revolution, is trying to make her mark on the Obama inauguration in Washington on Jan. 20. Her ploy: to deliver herself to outgoing President Bush in the form of "a human pink slip."

Chang is driving cross-country with three companions, dispensing free hugs along the way. En route from Los Angeles to Austin, she took a few minutes to chat via phone with SF Weekly. "We're so grass-roots that you could probably grab us and smoke us," said Chang, who is not affiliated with activist Medea Benjamin's pacifist group, Code Pink. "I thought, why don't we save a few trees and some paper and just deliver me?" (Just a thought: Driving cross-country is probably a lot worse for the environment than mailing a pink piece of paper.)

What, exactly, will the inauguration stunt involve? "I'm not totally sure how it's going to come down," Chang said. "I'm becoming an artist, also, in the ways of rapid manifestation and transformation. I'm kind of writing the script as I go along." Right.

Some keys to her intentions can perhaps be gleaned from YouTube clips of Pink Revolutionaries spreading the love in Milan. Let's just say that after watching this video footage, we doubt Chang and her entourage will get anywhere near Bush before Secret Service agents step in. It's rare that a sugar-coated posse so akin to Dawn of the Dead extras — complete with ghastly neon makeup and a penchant for zombie-esque undulations — gets within spitting distance of the leader of the free world.

Not to worry. Chang and her comrades have a backup scheme to deliver a "green plan" based on 12-step programs — she says it will free the country from its addiction to oil and greed — to incoming President Barack Obama. Says Chang: "We're not left-wing or right-wing. You have to use both wings."

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