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Double Bagged
Plastic not so fantastic: This is a really good article ["Bagged," Joe Eskenazi, Feature, 1/7]. I thought it was biased in favor of plastic bags for the first few pages, but the author then balanced the impression by bringing up the relentless ACC lobbying efforts and lawsuits. I would not consider Carrefour a neutral source for a study, either, since it would cost that huge grocer more if more plastic bans took place. This is great writing, with a well-understood point that the best-meaning people have their hands tied as to how get the plastic bags out of landfills.

As far as S.F. waste goes, the city should require that free daily newspapers (with their plastic bags that thoroughly litter the streets) be opt-out-able. There's no reason we should have to clean our stoops of 10 papers and their soggy bags once a week — into the trash, into the landfill. And on a windy day it's even crazier.

Theo Blvj

Web Comment
We don't like these odds: Okay, either Joe Eskenazi is being stupid, or I am — and I don't think it's me.

What on earth does the number of plastic bags that can be made with a mile's worth of gas have to do with anything? Is the writer implying that only certain stores will allow you to bring in your own reusable bags, and people have to drive an extra mile or so to get to them? If so, he is an idiot. All stores will bag your goods in bags you bring. They love the practice, because they don't have to foot the bill for plastic or paper bags.

Do I think the plastic bag ban as written is bad law? Yes, I do. However, the writer is engaging in the same faulty reasoning as the ban proponents.

Gary Patterson

Evansville, Indiana

Hear, Hear
Taking 666 to heart: I'm a 55-year-old gay guy who hates 90 percent of the contemporary music I hear. And that's why I want to thank Jennifer Maerz for having written about Davila 666 a few months ago [In the Red, CD Reviews, 9/24].

After reading her review, I listened to what the band had on its MySpace page, and next thing I was down at Amoeba picking up its incredible CD. I was glad to see it on the 2008 Top 10 list. I see that under "more favorites," Maerz listed King Khan and the Shrines. That was my second-favorite CD of the year (third and fourth were Alegranza by El Guincho and Buzzz by Tipsy).

I just wanted to let SF Weekly know that someone is taking the music recommendations to heart.

Michael Hawley

San Francisco

Matt Smith's Jan. 7 column, "Artist Con," stated that art dealer Nancy Wandlass pleaded guilty to felony embezzlement charges. In fact, Wandlass pleaded guilty only to a single felony embezzlement charge.

The column stated that in February 2007, her condominium was "heading irreversibly toward bankruptcy sale." In fact, it was headed toward a trustee sale.

The column also referred to Wandlass' "$30,000 Escada wardrobe." While a bankruptcy trustee's report shows her spending more than $30,000 on clothing between April and August 2007, only $18,415 of that money was shown to be spent at Escada. The balance was at Saks Fifth Avenue, Louis Vuitton, and Foot Candy. SF Weekly regrets the errors.

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