C’est Chic

He's an indie Morrissey, or a boy Dusty Springfield, possessed of a vintage way with words and that voice. Whatever amalgam of glossy, cool elements he is, the Music Lovers' frontman Matthew "Ted" Edwards is rightly proud of his band's new record: Masculine Feminine is getting raves in Italy and France ("Four star review in Italian Rolling Stone, etc." he writes us). And no wonder: The rest of the band is made up of players somewhat too talented for rock music; they seduce you hard. Especially drummer Ping Chu, truly the Cary Grant of percussionists: There's evil in there, or it wouldn't be interesting, but he appears to be most urbane. "I'll bet you even money/We'll still be on top by Monday" Edwards sings; it's a line that reflects the group's part Rat Pack and part Style Council aesthetic. The record, as you may have noticed, is named after a French New Wave movie.
Fri., Jan. 30, 9:30 p.m., 2009

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