Love Hurts

This Valentine’s Day, let’s start with the assumption that your heart is broke, and that the person who broke it once gave you something special, say a Barry Bonds bobblehead doll, which you’ve been sleeping with ever since, chatting with over breakfast and then cramming full of needles. Let’s set the bobblehead free, shall we? It belongs with others of its kind, mementos of failed relationships – the trash would do, but we suggest the Museum of Broken Relationships. Founded by Olinka Vištica and Drazen Grubiši, the museum has welcomed such objects from around the world, and the response has been overwhelming. The touring show displays objects like fur-lined handcuffs, underwear, and prosthetic legs with their sad stories attached, chronicling how it is better to have loved and lost than to have killed the scumbag and burned his clothes. The gallery has been accepting local donations since January 16, so plenty of objects are from the neighborhood, but it’s not too late to contribute to the full collection: Just download the donation form, gather up your sad little thing, and send it to Vlaška 72 A, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia. Really.
Feb. 14-28, 2009

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