Not Jonathan Livingston

Question: What’s more romantic than getting cozy on El Rio’s back patio as a buncha punk acts blast the foam off your Pabst? Answer: Everything. But really, on V-Day all that candy-hearts-’n’-kissin’ crap is for suckers. If you’re serious about showing someone you care — or, conversely, if you’re a bitter bastard suffering through this Hallmark holiday — drag your ass to the Outer Mission. There’s a show that deserves your affection going down with the Husbands, Rock ’n’ Roll Adventure Kids, and Ty Segall. We have a special eardrum crush on Segall, who spun off from the Traditional Fools to record a solo album that’s already ranking high on our best of 2009 list. He descends directly from the John Dwyer lineage of raw, irreverent, psych-tinted rock ’n’ roll. The eponymous record’s one-man blooze woos listeners with psycho cackles, fuzzy guitar riffs, and a backbeat that’ll keep your lower half ticking. Plus, songs like “Pretty Baby You’re So Ugly” make for excellent Valentine dedications.
Sat., Feb. 14, 9 p.m., 2009

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