Oh, Brother

If you’re anything other than an obsessed Eddie Murphy fan (Anyone? Anyone?), you may not have known about his brother, Charlie Murphy, until he appeared in the wildly popular and mercilessly quoted “Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories” on Chappelle’s Show. His tales of high and sloppy times with Rick James and Prince were highlights in a pretty much all-highlight show, and he’s parlayed his popularity and talent into a standup career. Someone slap his manager on the back! Murphy’s acting talents can be found in Spike Lee films (Jungle Fever and Mo’ Better Blues) and Chris Rock vehicles alike (CB4!). He’s also done voiceovers for Boondocks cartoons and the videogame Grand Theft Auto—San Andreas, and he wrote an animated pilot for Snoop Dogg and MTV titled Tales of the Dogg. (Speaking of back-slapping, Snoop’s agent is doing a bang-up job. We can’t lose him no matter how little we watch television.)
Feb. 14-15, 8 & 10:15 p.m., 2009

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