Ding Ding Ding!

People who are "into" cactus tend to be from pretty disparate groups. Sometimes it's a lady who really likes the early California aesthetic. Other people go for native-garden thing. Then, of course, there are the evolutionary adaptation/mathcentric/climate-focused photographers. At "Ring the Changes," a couple of them, husband-and-wife art team Davis and Davis, show a series of deep-punning photos; Victoria, for example, is a triptych showing a mountain gorge, a cactus, and a queen. The pair traveled all over the globe – Death Valley, Alberta, Canada -- to find weird xerophytes (cacti, succulents, etc.). Their take on the plants is to view them as role models for our own behavior during the impending permanent drought, which is scary, but a good artistic perspective. And why not? Let's all grow deep root systems, keep fluid in our leaves, and look like fractals when viewed from above.
Feb. 21-March 28, 2009

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