Fame, Fortune, and Premature Antifascism

Local author Stephen Elliott, organizer of the Progressive Reading Series, used to say he could never find any right-wing authors to perform at the series, because there aren't any right-wing authors of literary fiction. The arts are like that, and at "Voices of a People's History of the United States," audiences reap the benefits. Like, really. Because the John Birch Society could no way pull together Benjamin Bratt, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, and Kerry Washington, but People's History author Howard Zinn can. The celebs (no throwing Twinkies at Brolin, S.F.) read from the popular book, which tells history from the point of view of the poor, the hardworking, and the shortchanged: You know, women. No, ha ha: Zinn is unsurprisingly egalitarian, and (incredibly successful) creative people seem to like him for it. Clarence Thomas of the ILWU and local band the Stairwell Sisters join in, as do Zinn and coauthor Anthony Arnove.
Thu., Feb. 26, 8 p.m., 2009

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