So Right It's Wrongly Right

From the "Is this what it's like to drop acid?" files: Photographer, or something, Elliot Anderson's "Equivalents." This artist is trying to mess with your brain, or else he wouldn't have developed his own software that "averages" photo files. And he wouldn't have fed that software so many photos of the sky, resulting in images that look exactly like the sky, only wrong. The sky does not do that, Elliot Anderson! So why do your beautiful large prints have all the characteristics of sky; all the cloud shapes and firmament-illumination colors, all the emotion-inducing drama and odd darkness? Anderson claims inspiration from Alfred Stieglitz and the Hudson School painters, but we think he's just a highly talented, super smart and inventive guy whose art makes you think you're tripping balls. Wait, those aren't mutually exclusive. He's toying with us again.
Feb. 16-March 27, 2009

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