Cathode Love

“Television, the drug of the nation/Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation.” If you can name the first band to do that song, you ought to buy yourself a new Wii. (Hint: It’s not Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.) But television: Is it really the opiate of the masses? Many, many doctoral theses have been written on this subject, yet the technology seems to change shape every day, among cable, videogames, Hulu, TiVo, and YouTube. You’ve got your theory, we’ve got ours, and we’re all still watching: Does TV really contribute to alienation if you spend several days excited to watch the new episode of Lost at your neighbor’s house? The famous San Francisco artists with developmental disabilities have some comments, too, at “TV and Me.” The discourse is more personal than metacultural, with Three’s Company coming in for a lot of love, especially Don Knotts. The hunks of ER, Westerns, and the glory of remote control are featured as well, bathed in the total candor we’ve come to expect from this gang.
March 12-April 22, 2009

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