The centerpiece of Divafest's mostly women theater series is An Affair of Honor, a new play by Lee Kiszonas. It has a nice twisty plot in which the main character is a lady swordfighter in love with a lady who doesn't know she's a lady. It reminds us of Shakespeare's gender-benders mixed with 17th-century French drama. (You know: "I love you, but my brother killed your brother, so I mayn't marry you unless you kill my father!") But director Kathryn Wood says it's more about the triumph of philia over eros – the friendships in An Affair of Honor are stronger than the love connections. Other Divafest events include Lauren Yee's Samsara and Don Seaver and Sean Owens’ cabaret, Lady of the 'Loin.

An Affair of Honor starts at 8 p.m.
April 2-25, 2009

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