In Synch

In (re)Presentation, dancers Jess Curtis and Maria Francesca Scaroni press themselves against each other in a symmetrical flow, exploring the interconnectedness and beauty of our shared experience in a structured, intimate narrative — naked. They do it naked. They dance naked. Naked. But once you look past where their clothes should be — maybe at the beginning of the show; could be sometime the next day — you’ll find that in spite of their nakedness, or rather because of it (there’s no way to predict how you’ll feel about their nakedness, really) you’ve been swept away by their movements. For Curtis and Scaroni, collaborators in Jess Curtis/Gravity’s ongoing Symmetry Project, are very good. The choreography has the dancers tangled up in new and perhaps alarming ways, a choppy sea of limbs and backs and the other parts. “An intercorporeal kaleidoscope of flesh,” the press release notes. This edition of the project, Study #14, counts dance as only one piece. To get the most out of that and less out of what they are not wearing, pay a visit to the gallery beforehand, where a photography exhibit features the pair indoors and out, bodies pressed together eight ways from Sunday. The whole thing is really about revealing perceptions about the human body, both its beauty and its awkwardness (but mostly its beauty — these people are professional dancers).
March 28-29, 8 p.m., 2009

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