Roaming Troubadours

Men: Wouldn’t it be great to be a Jon Stewart lookalike who wrote best-selling novels and was also a famous musician? You’re thinking ha ha, very funny: Nobody is that cool. Unfortunately, John Wesley Harding is exactly those things. Wes and Eugene’s Cabinet of Wonders brings this entertaining personage to town, along with a slew of his interesting and talented friends. Comedian Eugene Mirman is the traveling co-host of this vaudeville-inspired variety show; local guests include Daniel Handler and Chris von Sneidern, star of the backhanded compliment of a documentary, Why Isn’t Chris von Sneidern Famous? Harding plays music from his new album Who Was Changed and Who Was Dead, and the rest of them just make you feel incompetent.
Sun., April 5, 8 p.m., 2009

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