A Walk in the Dark

Lulacruza, for those unfamiliar with the Oaklandish/Argentine/Colombian duo, is the Latina Cocteau Twins. Collaborating with two dancers plus a poet/painter and a storyteller/musician, Lulacruza created a stage show, Caminantes de la Tierra (Walkers of the Earth). Multidisciplines echo the multinationalities, torn loyalties, and myriad questions facing immigrants. Apparently it's getting even weirder to move a long way from home, now that videophones à la Blade Runner are becoming more and more a part of the nonfictional world. Other questions addressed by the caminantes include "What is a nomad?" and "Is it necessary to have a home? Or can one exist statelessly?"
April 17-18, 7 p.m., 2009

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