Avoir Du Chien

Judy North is leading two lives. In one, she's a mild-mannered painter of dog portraits, some of which hang at Heaven's Dog & Noodle Shop. It is there that "Walk the Dog Electric," a miniature art crawl, begins, with drinks and appreciation for the relatively straightforward paintings of canines. North's other life is influenced by psychedelic drugs. "Why Not Say It?" is an exhibit of highly color-intensive and improbable scenarios, clearly visited on canvas by the brush of a hophead. North (or whatever this alter-ego calls herself) insists each of them tells a "story." The by-now post-cocktail tour group crawls to see these displayed at Electric Works gallery, just around the corner from the Noodle Shop. Curator Richard Lang is on hand serving as sherpa at both venues.
Wed., April 15, 5:30 p.m., 2009

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