Easter Basket

Behold a passel of talented comedians at Far Easter 4: There's the usual sampling of television appearances: MadTV, Last Comic Standing, Family Guy. Dat Phan hit the stage of Last Comic Standing feigning a Vietnamese accent, and after a few moments of leaving the audience in mild confusion, broke down and told them he was kidding, he speaks English. His brute mockery of racial stereotypes and liberal use of family-inspired material made him the winner of that inaugural season. The Bay Area’s fabulous Ali Wong provokes some dirty giggles with her original lines — really, has anyone else even touched this? — about cupping her hand between her legs and hobbling to the toilet after sex to avoid getting the bed wet. Or what about her earnest hippie date, the guy who lifted her legs, spread them, and blew? “Thanks for making what was once warm and wet, cold and dry.” Wong is a fierce and exciting comic, for her hilarious material, unapologetic delivery, and commitment to making fun of herself. Phan and Wong are joined onstage by KT Tatara and Randall Park.
April 9-12, 8 & 10:15 p.m., 2009

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