I was waiting for two other friends to show up. I must've gotten our meeting time wrong, because I was able to get pretty tipsy — on two beers and one whiskey — when they hadn't arrived after an hour and a half. I decided to order some food, even though I knew my friends might be miffed that I ate already. All of the menu items at the Edinburgh Castle are fried and are mainly of the fish variety, so I ordered the Chelsea Combo — scallops and oysters with chips. The meal is presented in a cute little octagonal package, folded up in newspaper and steaming hot.

Sure enough, right after I asked for the Chelsea, my friends walked in, and I had to apologize for already ordering. Now, is Murphy's Law somehow related to coincidence? I know for a fact, for example, that if I want a traffic light to change, I simply have to start applying eye makeup. I also know that if I call in sick to work with a fake ailment, I will invariably be struck with the same affliction within a week.

So what do you make of the end of my evening, gentle reader? On the BART ride home, a pair of record nerds were discussing old country music in the seats across from me. No less a person than George Jones came up, as well as the fact that people always play "He Stopped Loving Her Today" on jukeboxes when really his coolest stuff was recorded earlier than that. I didn't know whether to feel offended or freaked out at the, yes, coincidence.

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