Cinco, Not Drinko

War rages in the lower quadrant of Dolores Park. Two distinct groups — Latino families and tattooed bicycle riders — vie for supremacy, usually opting to just lie on the grass together blissfully. It isn't really much of a war. Recently, a third group, the gay Burners, had a decisive lower-park victory during the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's birthday party. But this weekend, families Latino or otherwise are a sure bet to reign splendiferously at the Cinco de Mayo Festival. Live music, Lucha Libre wrestlers, Univision TV personalities, folkloric dance, and a Soccer Skills Camp make the day alluring to those who like their entertainment wholesome and fun. Plus, the no-alcohol vibe is likely to scare off a lot of those bikers. On the other hand, we predict a possible crossover hit among indie-rock fans and traditional Mexicanos alike: All-female band Mariachi Femenil Orgullo Mexicano.
Sat., May 2, 10 a.m., 2009

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